Eileen Naseby

Author, Ursula

Ursula is one of the most exquisitely written biographies to emerge in recent times. Ursula was Eileen Naseby's mother: beautiful, smart, talented; impatient, dissatisfied, critical. Her pampered childhood in Germany ended abruptly in flight from the coming Nazi terror. Suddenly she and her mother were living hand-to-mouth in Palestine. This exquisitely written book is the true story of a beautiful and resilient woman who lived through extraordinary times.

"This could have been just another life touched by the great events of the 20th century, but told by Naseby, who writes with an effortless beauty, it attains the emotional power of a carefully crafted novel. The psychological complexity of the characters, their dreams and frailties, are captured in a book of great honesty."
– Sydney Morning Herald
"Ursula is a history of and for our time…This is a superbly tender and endearing book which will haunt the reader for years to come. Five stars."
– Good Reading Magazine
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