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Ask any writer you know if they have a fear of actually sitting down and putting words on the page. Most will confess to have a long list of often ‘valid’ ways to avoid the challenge of their writing practice.

There are some exceptions. Popular writer James Patterson signed a book deal in 2009 to write 17 books by the end of 2012.  That’s a book every three months.  In the last 12 months he earned US$91 million.  If he’s scared he doesn’t let it stop him from writing.

The rest of us are mostly cowards who avoid the hard stuff  with similar excuses we use to avoid physical exercise.  It’s too cold, I’m tired, and I’m too old to start, what’s the point?;  any reason to postpone taking action. Whatever way you look at it, it’s not the actual practice that causes procrastination but the fear of failure. Do I have the tenacity, the imagination, the skills I need to write?;  why would anyone want to read my story?;  I’ve got too many pressures;  I need to do the laundry.

Memoir writing has its special scary devil called – The Truth.  Avoiding the truth, whether it’s being afraid of what others will think or upsetting our own family, or, worst of all, having to dig into those dark places where our own truth lies buried is especially tough for memoir writers.

This workshop we will talk about these fears.  I’ll show you some of the psychological skills that I use to push past the scary stuff, as well a couple of practical devices that really work for me and other writers I know.

Address:  18 Kauri Court, Ourimbah
Time:        10:00am to 4:00pm
Contact:  Eileen Naseby
0416 181 645 or en@eileennaseby.com
Cost:         $120 per workshop, includes lunch


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In 2006 Murdoch Books published ‘Ursula- A Voyage of Love and Danger’, my mother’s memoir. I am now in the process of completing a work of fiction.

Email me at: en(at)eileennaseby(dot)com

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