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Skeletons & Dirty Linen | Advanced One-Day Memoir Writing Workshop

How much do we really know about ourselves? There’s the Open Self we let others see, and the Private Self, the parts we hide. There are also two more selves we rarely encounter. The Blind Self, which is what others see in us that we cannot see, and the most enigmatic of all the Undiscovered or Unknown Self.

This workshop will demonstrate how to better understand the relationships at play in your memoir, and how to reveal these, and all those ‘unknown’ factors, to your readers.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day on Sunday it was truly enjoyable, motivating and helpful – like minded interesting people with fascinating stories to tell, ideas and solutions related directly to our struggles with the pen, inspiration – led from the top guiding us to the next level. Not to mention fabulous food and a great kitchen hand!!  

Carolynn King, workshop participant

 DATE                        Sunday July 14

TIME                         10.00am – 4.00pm

PLACE                     18 Kauri Court, Ourimbah?

COST                        $120.00  including lunch

 Bookings & Info | Contact Eileen

0416 181 645 or

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In 2006 Murdoch Books published ‘Ursula- A Voyage of Love and Danger’, my mother’s memoir. I am now in the process of completing a work of fiction.

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