Skeletons & Dirty Linen Reading List

Thanks to everyone who jumped in and fired off your favourite memoirs to recommend to my workshop students. If anyone else has any others that spring to mind let me know.

Here are the first 50…

  Author Title
1 Maya Angelou Even the Start Look Lonesome
2 Maya Angelou Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now
3 Jean Bauby The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
4 Anthony Burgess Confessions of Anthony Burgess
5 Austen Burroughs Running with Scissors
6 Mary Carr The Liars Club
7 Jung Chan Wild Swans
8 Laura Shaine Cunningham Sleeping Arrangements
10 Edmund de Waal The Hare with the Amber Eyes
10 Simone de Beauvoir Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter
11 Joan Didion The Year of Magical Thinking
12 Annie Dillard Pilgrim at Tinkers Creek
13 Annie Dillard A Writer’s Life
14 Patrick Leigh Fermor Time of Gifts
15 Janet Frame An Angel at My Table
16 Anne Frank Diary of a Young Girl
17 Raymond Gaita Romulus, My Father
18 Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love
19 Rita Golden Gelman Tales of a Female Nomad
20 Vivian Gornick Fierce Attachments
21 Robert Gray The Land I Came Through Last
22 William Horwood The Boy with No Shoes
23 Clive James Unreliable Memoirs
24 Frank McCourt Angela’s Ashes
25 Norman Lewis I Came, I Saw
26 Franz Lidz Unstrung Heroes
27 Barry Lopez About this Life
28 James McBride The Colour of Water
29 Patti Miller The Mind of a Thief
30 Henry Miller The Colossus of Marrousi
31 Jessica Mitford Daughters and Rebels
32 Rick Moody The Black Veil
33 Sally Morgan My Place
34 Vladimir Nabakov Speak Memory
35 Michael Oondaatje Running in the Family
36 Amos Oz A Tale of Love and Darkness
37 Ruth Park A Fence Around the Cuckoo
38 Ruth Park Fishing in the Styx
39 Paul Rusesabagina An Ordinary Man
40 Susan Swingler The House of Fiction
41 Desmond Tutu No Future Without Forgiveness
41 Peter Ustinov Dear Me
43 Jeanne Winterson My Place
44 Tobias Wolff This Boy’s Life
45 Lidia Yuknavitch The Chronology of Water
46 Lech Walesa A Way of Hope
47 Clifton Pugh Patterns of a Lifetime
48 George Jackson Soledad Brother
49 Les Murray A Life in Progress
50 John Elder Robinson Look Me in the Eye
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