Building a Cathedral or Weaving a Basket? Narrative Structure One Day Workshop

Building a Cathedral or Weaving a Basket?

Narrative Structure
A One Day Advanced Writing Workshop

Sunday June 2, 2013, 10.00am -4.00pm
$120.00 including lunch

Story and meaning are embodied by structure, but does structure serve story or the other way round? Whether you have begun your story with a clear idea of structure or you intend to weave your narrative into a shape at a later stage, each method comes with its own particular difficulties.

Structure gives shape to the tangled emotional, character driven, tonal and thematic lines of our writing. Stories can rise and fall in gentle curves, plunge and leap wildly, or explode into chaos. Our aim should be for any shape but straight.

This workshop will take you through the pitfalls and benefits of these different approaches.

For more information contact me on or 0416 181 645.

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