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My   Skeletons and Dirty Linen blog has been silent since the beginning of May, but my life is now on an even keel again and  I am about to publish some new pieces very soon.  Make  sure you subscribe to my blog so you can be notified when these happen.

We had a great get-together of the Sydney Memoir Writers Meetup Group on Sunday August 4 at Berkelouw Books Paddington.  Lots of interchange of the ideas and experiences from the ten writers on theme of the insecurity we all experience about the quality of our writing.  Most of us read a two-minute piece that had been written since the last Meetup.  What didn’t surprise me was the writers who had the most reservations about the own work had actually written some of the best pieces.  In my own experience fear of failure inevitably forces us from the shallows to the deeper places where the truth is more likely to lie.

We also discussed Gore Vida’s memoir Palimpsest He opens his book with a suggestion that A Tissue of Lies would have been a more persuasively apt title for a memoir.  He boasts at having gone ‘mano a mano’  with some of the great liars of his time, and whether we should draw any lines between fiction and fact. This led to a great Meetup discussion on where and when it is ok to make stuff up.

Several people described the success they had to managing their writing time using the Pomodoro technique we discussed at out last Meetup. The Pomodoro is a simple and clever time management system that splits everything you do into 25-minute modules.  I use it for everything including cleaning the bathroom. It’s inventor, Francesco Cirillo, claims it eliminates the anxiety of time. It is a mystery to me why it works, but this is exactly what it does.   Have a look for yourself if  you’re interested.


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