Local Memoir Writing Workshop Attracts International Attention

American actress and writer, Linder Alper is flying into Sydney to specifically attend my memoir-writing workshop, Skeletons & Dirty Linen. Fulbright scholar and Shakespearean actress, Alper had been looking for a new creative approach to writing her one-woman show, when she read about the Australian workshop on the Internet.

“I needed something that was going to really challenge me, and a course which specifically examines family relationships is exactly what I was looking for.” she said.

A key part of my  teaching method revolves around the  construction of a sociological diagram known as a Genogram. I’m convinced the  use of  this particular visual approach as a memoir-writing tool is a world first.

The Genogram, a sophisticated family tree, helps to explore family relationships and to quickly identify various influences in a person’s family history. Using specific symbols these patterns clarify the nature of emotional and social relationships, living conditions, and recurring disorders such as alcoholism or depression. Used as a memoir-writing tool, a Genogram helps to place the really confronting issues into perspective.

The first of six 2-hr weekly workshops is on May 24, 2012 at 6.30pm at Newtown.

More information  send me an email en@eileennaseby.com or call me on  0416 181 645


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