Really Interesting Memoirs

I asked twitter this  morning to recommend some interesting memoirs, and I’ve already had  some great suggestions. Here are  three. More to come

Oscar and Friends recommended  ’Rules of Inheritance’ by  Claire Bidwell Smith. Here’s a review I  found, sounds great.

“Forget everything you think you know about grief. Smith’s memoir is the most honest book I’ve ever read about how loss unmoors, challenges and changes you, written in prose so exquisite, it could be poetry. Dazzlingly brave and absolutely true.”?–Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You


@miss_crikey recommended  ’Chronology of Water’ by Lydia Yuknavitch No less a writer than  Chuck Palahniuk  wrote the  following:

“I’ve read this book cover to cover a dozen times.  I am still reading it. And will, most likely, return to it for inspiration and ideas, and out of sheer admiration, for the rest of my life.”


And for something completely  different @LachlanJobbins recommended a boy’s read, Chris Kyle’s  ’American Sniper’.  Kirkus Review describes this book as:

‘Memoir of America’s most prolific sniper, with an emphasis on the grisly, unpredictable nature of contemporary warfare.’  Not sure it’s my cup of tea though.




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